The first step is to create a listing with us.

A listing is the Tailster equivalent of an advert, and describes what it is that you require for your pet - so for example the listing might describe that you want someone to board your dog for 1 week from the 1st January to the 8th January. You'd also mention your dog's name, your location and any special requests or additional info that would be helpful for the carer to know.

The listing is created via our site (click ‘Find me the perfect carer’)

When you create a listing you must include

  • your location (we never show your address on our site) so we can match you with carers nearby
  • dates needed
  • age & breed of your dog
  • any other information that will help the carer look after your dog during his/her stay.
Our automagical system will then go off and contact the relevant people on our site and brings back to you only those that are available and meet your requirements - saves you from having to do all that leg work!

If carers in your area are available and interested, they’ll quote a price for the work. 

For boarding and sitting, this is will be a quote for the full duration, but for walking it will be a weekly quote dependent on the number and length of walks requested. These quotes are personalised to your requirements and will differ depending on the carers themselves.

Have a look at the quotes you've received and at the profiles of the careres who quoted; if any of them look attractive, send the carer a message via the messaging system. At this point in the process, feel free to ask any questions and exchange contact details.

We always advise a meet & greet prior to any booking; this is where you and your pet meet the potential carer and see if you all get along.

If all goes well, and you find the perfect carer, you must to book via the website or on the phone to Tailster HQ; if you don't book via the website the booking will not be covered by our extensive insurance policy and the payment will not be safely held by Tailster until the care has been completed and you have agreed that everything went well and payment can be released.  

Our carers should not be asking for cash direct.

Payment is taken up front, and we hold onto that until you’re happy that the care took place as you instructed. We release it to the carer once you confirm you’re happy for that to be done - giving you that extra peace of mind.