Tailster.me is the best way to market yourself as a carer and share your profile with others with a personalised profile link. The new Tailster.me link is not only easy to remember but is shorter than your profile URL making it easier to add to business cards, flyers and share on social media channels.

By following these easy steps you can set up your personalised link within a few minutes.

First up - log in to your account and make sure you're on the main dashboard. You will be able to see the Tailster.me information box in the first row - 'Get your personalised tailster.me link'



To set up your personalised link just click 'Get it now' and enter the name you would like to use - remember this will be part of your shareable link so make it short!

Our system will check the availability before you're able to click save - you will not be able to edit the name after you have pressed save.

Tailster reserve the right to change the name if we deem necessary.


Once saved, you are able to share your link by clicking the 'copy' icon next to your new tailster.me link. You are then able to share anywhere! 

When someone follows the link they will get taken straight to your Tailster profile - by clicking 'request a quote' their pet care request will go directly to you instead of other carers in the area.

Create your Tailster.me link now!