If the number of walks change frequently from week to week, please let us know as we can move you to a flexible, ad-hoc walking plan, instead of us charging your card only to refund you the following week.

At the end of every week, your Walker will be asked to fill in something we call a ‘Service Record’ online. This is effectively a time sheet where they let you and Tailster know how many walks they completed, when they took place, and how much they expect to be paid.  

You can log into Tailster.com and click on “View Service Records”, where you can also confirm with us the number of walks yourself. We’d like you to do this to ensure there aren’t any differences in opinion (which is rare, but does happen). We will email you on Mondays as a reminder to fill this in.

With ad-hoc bookings, we'll charge your card after we receive the service records and then release payment to your walker.