The approvals process is made up of 4 parts; your profile on, the application form, card verification and proof of ID and address.

Your Profile

This should have your first and last name, telephone number, full address (including house number/name), a complete "about you" section (more on this below) and a profile photo showing your face (with or without your furry friend!). The "about you" section is your advert to our Owners, tell them why you would make the best Carer for their pet. Include details of your experience with animals, your motivation for becoming a Carer and availability.

The Application Form

This can take a little time to complete so get comfortable, grab a suitable beverage and give it your best shot. You will be asked about various scenarios with pets, about how the site works and about your experience. To improve your chances have a read through these FAQs, all the answers are here!

Proof of ID and Address

At the end of the application form we will ask for proof of ID and address. Photo ID would be a passport, driving licence, National ID card, Student card, NHS card etc. Proof of address we regularly accept include bank statement, council tax bill, tenancy agreement, utility bill etc. This isn't an exhaustive list, just something to give you an idea. If you have these already photographed/scanned before starting the form it will make things that bit quicker.

If you are unable to upload your proof of address through the application form then you can upload it via the site here.

Card Verification

As a precautionary safety measure, we require all our carers to connect a UK bank card to their Tailster account as part of our identity and security checks.

We will not charge your card as part of this process, but we reserve the right to charge against this card for any outstanding commission or fees due to Tailster. More info...


If you have all 4 of the above in place for our approvals team to check you should wait the minimum time (1 working day although can be upto 3 days at peak times). If any element is missing the team will have to chase you up and this will result in a delay to your account being approved.