We offer dog sitting, dog boarding, doggy daycare, dog walking, cat sitting and small animal care. 

Dog boarding is when the dog will come to the carers house for the care to take place. Dog boarding usually takes place over a long period of time. For example, the owner is going on holiday so the dog will need to stay in the owner's house for the duration of the care.

Dog sitting is the same but it means that the carer has to go to the owner's house instead.

Doggy daycare is when the dog spends the day at the carers home. They will be picked up (or dropped off) on the same day as the care. This can usually be a recurring booking. Let us know if you require this as a one off booking!

Dog walking is when a carer will take the dog for a walk. This is usually for around an hour. Smaller breeds or older dogs may only need 30 minute walks and larger, more energetic dogs may require up to 90 minutes. This is also usually recurring but please let us know if it's a one-off.

Cat sitting is the same as dog sitting. The carer will have to go to the owner's house in order to take care of the cats.

Small animal care is a carer taking care of a small animal such as a hamster, guinea pig, reptile, fish...anything small! This usually can mean going over to the owner's house twice a day and making sure that the pet has enough water and food. Please note that if you have a small dog or a small cat, they should not be tagged under small animal care.