As a precautionary safety measure, we require all our carers to connect a UK bank card to their Tailster account as part of our identity and security checks.

We will not charge your card as part of this process, but we reserve the right to charge against this card for any outstanding commission or fees due to Tailster.

So how do you add these details?

Visit your account page here - and click on Verify my card details. A pop up will appear for you to enter your details and submit. We use Stripe as our payments provider, a safe and secure payments platform used by the largest companies in the world.


You will also see buttons that direct you to this page as part of signing up to be a carer on Tailster on the dashboard:


Please note, we cannot approve your tailster carer account until the carer assessment and card verification is complete.

Some further FAQs related to this (popular questions that are asked)..

> How are you justifying when it is time to retrieve funds/ Do carers get a notification if money is going to be withdrawn from their account?

We charge the card only when absolutely necessary, if we discover a breach of the terms and conditions. We will always inform the carer before any charges are made, though for the vast majority of carers on Tailster this will never occur. All bookings must be made through the site so that any commission due is deducted from those funds.

> Are there grounds for appeal if a carer feels they have been charged unfairly?

As each scenario is different, we evaluate breaches of our terms and conditions, bookings or any other incidents on a case by case basis. We're always available at

> Are there new sets of terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions are the same as they were prior to the card verification step being implemented.

> How do I know that my CVC number, which you have requested, is secure, as this is one step down from giving over your PIN number?

Your card details are securely stored by Stripe (the payment system we use) and we cannot see any of these details apart from the last 4 digits of the long card number and the expiry date - we cannot see your CVC number at any stage.