When an Owner creates a listing we ask them what service they require (Dog walking/sitting/boarding/daycare, Cat sitting or small animal care), where and when they need their Pet cared for.

The "when" has two parts, how often and a start date. The Owner sees the following options:

  • One off - This is a booking for a fixed length of time, like a holiday or family event. The start and end date will be clearly displayed. If an Owner hasn't got the exact dates (perhaps they're checking availability before booking a trip) you will see the month and the number of days required instead of exact dates. You should quote based on the FULL DURATION.
  • Recurring - This is a booking that requires you to look after the Pet on the same day/s each and every week, for example; lunchtime Tues/Wed/Thurs. This is the most common type of booking for Dog walking. You should quote based on the WEEKLY TOTAL.
  • Flexible - This booking allows the Owner the most flexibility with their requirements. Perhaps they work shifts and have a different pattern each week, or they are required to go away on business trips. With a flexible booking they will arrange Care with you and you will use the Service Record to request payment from Tailster. You should quote based on the PRICE PER WALK/DAY.

We know that Owners can sometimes be in a rush and not properly explain their requirements and so quoting accurately can be tricky. If you're in doubt, quote based on the information you have but explain in the comments how you arrived at the price you did. Once an Owner gets in touch you can make sure you're both happy with the price and the arrangements.