There are a number of reasons as to why you may not have been paid after completing a booking: 
Bank Details
You must provide us with your bank details when you accept a booking so that we have an account to pay into. If you have not yet submitted your details, you can do so here:
Recurring Service Records
For recurring bookings, service records must be completed and submitted to us by the end of Sunday every week that a booking takes place. This will ensure that you receive payment on the following Wednesday. Make sure you fill all the fields and click the 'submit' button - you can do this here:
Fixed Duration Service Records
If you haven't been paid for a booking that took place over a fixed duration, it's likely that you haven't requested payment. You can do this here:
Failed Payments
From time to time an owner's card may fail when we try to charge for a carer's services. In these rare cases, we will always inform both parties about the issues that we are experiencing. We do our best to resolve this as quickly as possible! 
Received an email saying you've been paid but can't see it in your account?
Payment will take 48 hours to show in your account from when it is released by us. If you haven't seen the money enter your account within 3 business days after receiving an email, then please get in touch.
We've attached some further useful information on the page below to help: 

If your payment has still not arrived in to your account, please message us with details of the pet, the booking id, and the dates in question and our finance team will investigate.