Your chosen walker will provide a quote ahead of you confirming the booking on Tailster.

Once you do book, your walker will be responsible for filling in a weekly record of the walks that took place and the price they charged. You can agree through our messaging system of any specific requirements or days you want - no need to book again once the booking has been set up.

Our walking bookings give you the flexibility to up or lower the amount of walks you need week by week, or indeed if you do not need any care. You will only be charged for the care that takes place.

Every week, when your walker completes their weekly records, you’ll be notified of all the care that took place by email or you can log into Tailster to see this. It’s super useful to know we’re looking after tracking all the care that took place for you so you don’t have to.

On the off chance the figures are incorrect you can let us know and we’ll correct this for you.

You’ll of course also benefit from the following completely free of charge when booked through Tailster :

  • Our peace-of-mind insurance, including emergency vet care
  • GPS-tracked walks via the Tailster app
  • Photo updates from your Tailster carer
  • Having us on call to help with any issues you may have

Payment -

Card bookings - If you chose to pay by card, we’ll charge your card once a week after your carer has submitted their service records, and release the money directly to your carer every Wednesday. You no longer have to worry about leaving the correct amount of cash on the console table or working out how much you owe your carer, or how much they owe you! We’ll keep track of it all for you

Cash bookings - If you choose to pay by cash, you'll still receive all the Tailster perks as long as this is booked through the site. 

You will need to look after paying your carer directly once they’ve filled in their weekly service records. This ensures you have a record of what care took place and how much to pay each week. If your carer is not filling in these weekly records but care is taking place, please let us know so we can remind them to do so. We would suggest that if these records are not filled in then you should refrain from paying your carer.

Paying by card is the suggestion we always make though, because it’s secure and we handle all of the hassle of payments for you. You can always change from cash to card payments on Tailster by calling us on 0208 004 0860.