If you would like to see any of your bookings then you firstly need to go to 'Bookings' - this is in your menu bar.

You will then see different boxes for each booking status.

Awaiting confirmation - this will show bookings that have been booked by the owner and are waiting for you to confirm.

Confirmed - This will show all of your confirmed bookings.

Live - This will show all of your 'live' bookings. This includes ongoing walking bookings as well as an one off bookings that are currently taking place.

Declined - This will show any bookings you have delined.

Please remember to only decline a booking if you are unable to do it. If there is an error with the booking then please give us a call on 0208 004 0860 or email info@tailster.com so we can rectify it before you confirm it.

Cancelled - This shows any booking that has been cancelled after it has been confirmed.

Completed - This shows all completed bookings.

Action required - if any action is required for a booking you will see a flag in one of the boxes.