Getting a direct quote from someone you've used before or trust is something you can totally do on Tailster, watch the video below to se how it's done or read below for further information.

There are two ways to request a quote from a specific Carer (also known as a "Direct Quote"). Both methods will take you to the the Carer's profile page but the starting point varies.

The first and easiest is when requesting a direct quote from a Carer you're already chatting to.

1. Direct Quote from Messages Screen

Log in to your Tailster account and go to the Messages screen. You should see a list of conversations.


Click the conversation with the Carer you'd like to give you a quote.

Once the messages have loaded, on the top right you'll see a link to the Carer's Profile page. Click to see the Profile.


On the Profile page you'll see the "Request Quote" button.

Click the button and in 5 easy steps you'll have sent a request for a quote.


2. Direct Quote from a Carer in the area

Word of mouth is a powerful thing and you might get a recommendation from a friend for a specific Tailster Carer.

To find that Carer and request a Direct Quote, log in to your Tailster account and go to the Dashboard. On the lower right hand side is a box under the title "Browse our map to view sitters & walkers near you".

Enter your postcode and wait for the list of Carers in your area to load.

Click the Carer you've been recommended and you will be taken to that Carer's Profile page

 Click "Request Quote" and in 5 easy steps you'll have requested a quote.