When you have a walking or daycare client, you will receive payment on the Wednesdays after the weeks walks are finished.

In order to be paid on time, you need to let us know how many walks/days you did, and how much you are expecting to be paid.

We will then check this against the owners records, and also then ensure the correct amount is charged to the owners bank card before transferring funds to you.


Watch the video below to see how to submit service records, or scroll down to read how. 

Where do I fill in this information?

You can click on this url - https://tailster.com/service-records/carer and that will take you direct to your records for this week (and last week) when you log in.

Alternatively, you can find the orange button on your dashboard called 'Service Records (carer)'


How do I fill in this information?



When you log in on your computer, and visit the Service Records (carer) you'll see the above.

It will list the different pet bookings you have with the dates for you to fill in :

  • the number of walks you did that day if it is a walking booking (you can put in here more than one walk as well as half walks too)
  • the number of days daycare you did.
  • the amount you are expecting to be paid for that dog for that days work.
You can repeat this exercise for all your bookings and you can see the total amount you will be earning this week next to total earnings.
You can also leave notes for this week if you want to tell the tailster team about anything in particular (if things were different this week, if you have any issues etc). The pet owners do not see this information.
How do I submit this information to you?
If you want to save the information, press the orange button and you can return back to it later in the week to update.
When you are ready to submit the information, press the green button, and it will ask you to confirm the submission. You cannot change this once submitted so ensure that this is correct.
EVEN IF YOU DID NO WALKS, you must still submit the week so that we can then ensure the owner is refunded for walks that did not take place.
When do I need to fill this in by?
In order for you to receive payment by the Wednesday after the end of the week, these records need to be submitted by midnight on the Sunday the walks took place. It will be easier for you to update this during the week and submit as soon as you are done for the week.
You are able to fill in this week and the prior weeks walks at any time.

We will email you to remind you if this has not been submitted.
Please remember you must fill this in even if no walks or days took place. 
When you submit the amounts, our accounts team will receive this information to make your payment ready for release.
The owner will also be able to see your tally for the week at this point as they also update us on how many walks took place.
Can I update you via mobile?
You can but the view as per below is slightly different. You will need to make sure you use the drop down box to select each dog seperately and update all of them before submitting your walks.
You currently cannot make a record submission on the tailster carer app, that you may have downloaded from the apple store or google play.


What if I submit my records late?

If records are not submitted by Midnight on Sunday then payment will be delayed. The payment is released on the Monday and takes 2 days to process which means payment is received by Wednesday. If your records aren't submitted until Monday, this will push payments to be released later in the week.


Please note: Payment will take 48 hours to show in your account from when it is released by us - you will receive an email when it's released. If you haven't seen the money enter your account within 3 business days after receiving an email, then please get in touch.