For boarding/sitting and one off care

Once you have requested your payment you will receive an email from us letting you know your payment is being processed/it has been released. Once you receive this email the payment will take 2 working days to clear into your account. If you haven't received anything in 3 working days then just let us know.

In order for payment to be released we must get a response from you. You do this by logging into the site, and visiting the service records for ‘fixed duration’ bookings -

You'll be able to see your bookings here and request a payment release from the end date onwards - or raise an issue if need be. Our accounts team will handle it from there.

We cannot release payment unless you have requested the payment via the site.

Working days do not include bank holidays and weekends. Please note we wait 1 clear working day before releasing payment to ensure enough time is in place for the owner to respond or any concerns/issues to be raised

For walking/daycare and recurring payments

You are paid once a week. This payment is related to the walks/days you have done the prior week.

You will need to notify Tailster of how many walks/days you did for your clients on a weekly basis via submitting a service record.

The deadline for a weekly submission is Sunday at Midnight - If there is a mismatch (your submission differs to the owners) you will be notified by email and will need to resubmit this as soon as possible. If your records are not submitted for the week by Sunday at Midnight, your payment will be delayed.

If you haven't received payment this could be due to an issue with the owners card - you will receive an email if this is the case. We try and get this sorted as soon as possible.

For more information on this - please visit -


Received an email saying you've been paid but can't see it in your account?
Payment will take 2 working days to show in your account from when it is released by us - this is when you receive the email stating payment has been released. If you haven't seen the money enter your account within 3 business days after receiving an email, then please get in touch.


Please ensure we have the correct bank details for you and you have filled in all relevant fields on the following page - if these aren't up to date then payment will be delayed.