For boarding/sitting and one off care

Funds will be released approximately 1 working day after the end date of the booking, via bank transfer. These then take 2 working days to process and show in your account.

As an example, if the booking finishes on 3rd March.

We will get in touch with the owner and yourself on the 3rd March, or the first working day, to confirm the care successfully took place. 

In order for payment to be released we must get a response from you. You do this by logging into the site, and visiting the service records for ‘fixed duration’ bookings -

You'll be able to see your bookings here and request a payment release from the end date onwards - or raise an issue if need be. Our accounts team will handle it from there.

If payment is requested by the carer and the owner on the day the booking ends then payment will be released the next working day - this then takes 2 working days to process so for example: If this was released on the 4th March because the carer and owner submitted their request/release on the 3rd (the day the booking ended), it would show in your account on the 6th March.

If payment has only been requested by the carer we will give an extra 24hrs for the owner to release the payment before making the payment. Again, this takes 2 working days to process. So you would receive this on the 7th

We cannot release payment unless you have requested the payment via the site.

Working days do not include bank holidays and weekends. Please note we wait 1 clear working day before releasing payment to ensure enough time is in place for the owner to respond or any concerns/issues to be raised

For walking/daycare and recurring payments

You are paid once a week on Wednesday. This payment is related to the walks/days you have done the prior week.

This will be the aggregated amounts for all the walks/days you have undertaken for all your Tailster clients.

You will need to notify Tailster of how many walks/days you did for your clients on a weekly basis via submitting a service record.

The deadline for a weekly submission is Sunday at Midnight - If there is a mismatch (your submission differs to the owners) you will be notified by email and will need to resubmit this as soon as possible. If your records are not submitted for the week by Sunday at Midnight, your payment will be delayed.

For more information on this - please visit -



If you haven't already provided your bank details and you have your first confirmed booking, please get in touch with us.