If you've met a carer and like them, but would like to have a trial run through for extra peace of mind, this should also be booked through Tailster.

It's really easy to do! You just need to create a private listing, requesting a quote direct from the carer. They then need to respond to that, providing a quote which will cover the price of the trial, and you then need to book through the site as you would normally.

To create a private listing, just login and type your postcode in the section indicated below.

That will bring up a list of carers in your area. Find your carer and click to bring up their profile. Then you just need to click "Request a quote", shown below, and go through the steps to create a new trial listing.

We can also create a trial booking on your behalf. Just email info@tailster.com or call 0208 004 0860.