You can add your bank details by following the link below:

PLEASE NOTE: For joint accounts, please fill out the form for one account holder ONLY ensuring that the details entered clearly match the identification you upload. ID must be a clear, recent photo/scan with all details legible - screenshots, distorted or skewed images will not be accepted.

You will first be asked to confirm the Account Holder Details for the account you would like to add. 


Next, add your proof of identity - this needs to be your passport or driving licence. Click 'Browse...' to select the image then click 'upload ID document'. Please note: If this is not a valid proof of identity such as a passport or driving licence then your account will not be varified and payment will not be able to be made.


Lastly, enter your Bank Account details. Please only use numbers for the account and sort code, no dashes or spaces. Then click 'Save'.


Remember to click 'Save' to update our system.