If they’ve chosen the ‘pay by cash’ option and have booked through Tailster, then yes you can. If they don’t, then it voids all of the Tailster perks, like insurance and GPS-tracked walks. 

It remains your responsibility to let us know if care is taking place, especially if a booking has not yet been made by the owner.

We will be charging you the commission related to the pet care - if we are unable to collect these funds, we will be in touch and attempt charging this commission. If we are unable to collect this within 7 days, we may have to proceed to charging the introduction fee.

You will also be liable for the introduction fee of £250 as you will have broken our terms and conditions so please inform as soon as possible if care is taking place without a booking on Tailster being made - we can ensure this gets booked in.

We always suggest however that paying by card is best for everyone involved.  You will know that you will get paid on time, and have the comfort that we have the funds in place, and prevent you from having to worry about chasing late paying pet owners.