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Frequently Asked Questions for Pet Carers

  1. How do I get paid?
  2. Do I have to quote on every job I’m sent?
  3. Can I be paid in cash direct by a pet owner?
  4. How do I contact dog owners?
  5. What is and how do I use it?
  6. How do I add my bank details?
  7. Can I filter listings near me?
  8. How do I share my Carer profile on social media?
  9. I haven't been paid?
  10. One-off, recurring, flexible - What does it mean?!
  11. How do I add different services?
  12. Providing card details as a carer - COMPULSORY
  13. How do I return an owner's key once a booking has ended?
  14. What if I have a recurring booking, but the number of walks will vary each week?
  15. What is Tailster's cancellation policy?
  16. I want to quote on a listing, but the owners don't know the dates yet?
  17. What are the differences between sitting, boarding and daycare?
  18. What does the emergency transport option mean?
  19. How do I let Tailster know about how many walks or daycare took place?
  20. How do I know if my quote has been successful?
  21. How much commission do you take?
  22. What happens if I need to cancel a booking?
  23. How do I update my "listing near me" email preferences?
  24. What are these reviews and ratings and what do they mean?
  25. Do I have to provide food for dogs?
  26. Why do I need to add an image of myself to my profile?
  27. What should I include in the About You section?
  28. Why do you need my address and telephone number?
  29. What should I ask at a meet & greet?
  30. How do I add a photo pupdate?
  31. What experience do I need?
  32. What happens if a dog is injured or has an accident whilst in my care?
  33. What if I have children?
  34. How many dogs can I look after at a time?
  35. What’s a ‘Certified Professional’ & how do I become one?
  36. What qualifications do I need?
  37. Do I have a say in which dogs I look after?
  38. What prices should I charge?
  39. When will my profile be approved?
  40. Why have I not yet been approved?
  41. Why am I unable to provide quotes?
  42. How do I apply?
  43. What if the dog owner tries to re-negotiate the amount they want to pay after booking?
  44. I already get plenty of business, why do I need Tailster?
  45. How old do I have to be to apply to become a carer?