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Frequently Asked Questions for Pet Owners

  1. What is the full process of finding a carer on Tailster?
  2. How quickly can you find me options?
  3. How do I change my card details for payment?
  4. My dog carer asked for direct payment - how do I proceed?
  5. Can I meet your sitters before I decide to book?
  6. I have a cat/lizard/guinea pig/unicorn - can you help me find a suitable carer?
  7. What is the difference between boarding and sitting?
  8. Can I meet up with more than one person?
  9. How do walking bookings work?
  10. How can I see carers in my area?
  11. Why do different carers charge different prices?
  12. Can I filter the quotes I have received?
  13. How do I update my card details?
  14. How do I refer a friend?
  15. What are Service Records?
  16. Flexible vs Recurring
  17. How do I book a trial day through Tailster?
  18. How do I request a quote direct from a pet Carer?
  19. I want to create a listing but I don't know my dates yet?
  20. What are the services you offer and what do they mean?
  21. How much is the average quote for dog walking/dog sitting/cat sitting?
  22. What is a listing?
  23. Can a sitter do other things whilst they’re checking in on my dog? (e.g. watering plants, opening curtains)
  24. My dog does not like men/women/children/the colour green/going outside - can you still help?
  25. My dog is not friendly with other animals - can you still accommodate him/her?
  26. My dog has medical problems - can you still find a carer for him/her?
  27. I need someone to look after my dog starting today/tomorrow - HELP!
  28. What are these reviews and ratings and what do they mean?
  29. Why do I need to have a meet & greet?
  30. What should I ask at a meet & greet?
  31. What if I want doggy day care?
  32. What should I provide the dog carer with when I go away?
  33. When do I pay?
  34. How do I know my details are safe when paying online?
  35. Can I split payments?
  36. Can I pay by cash/cheque/doggy biscuits?
  37. What if I’m away for a long period of time?
  38. How am I kept updated on my dog whilst I’m away?
  39. What should I do if I have a question?
  40. Are my contact details shown to other users on the site?
  41. What happens if I need to cancel a booking?
  42. What if the number of walks varies week on week?
  43. How can I contact sitters?
  44. What does your insurance cover?
  45. Why can I not pay directly?
  46. How do I book?
  47. Is it free to use?
  48. How are people vetted?
  49. I’m not comfortable booking online - can I do this over the phone?
  50. How can Tailster help me find a trusted carer for my pet?